South Africa Is More than Wildlife!


Walking the Cape of Good Hope


One of my all time favourite trips was to South Africa in 2010.  Yes there was the wildlife, but the people were wonderful, the scenery was out of this world, and the food (and wine) was just fabulous. I made some wonderful friendships which I maintain to this day.

South Africa Is More than Wildlife!

Most trips if offered as group vacations with preset itineraries will offer safaris- some like mine from 2010 will offer several shorter safaris in various locations- thus allowing different experiences, wildlife, lodges, etc.

Group Tours- Small and Large

Group tours are occasionally large coach tours such as are offered by Cosmos, but also offered are many small group tours in vans and/or overland vehicles.  The small group tours may also focus on such interests as hiking trips, cycling trips, food-centric trips, rail journeys, and family trips.

G Adventures has a Cape to Krueger Adventure trip which as a 16 day trip is very similar to my trip to South Africa in 2010 in terms of the itinerary. However the accommodations are termed comfortable tourist-class accommodations as opposed to somewhat more luxurious accommodations (for some of the accommodations) that I experienced. As well, there is some camping involved……but a trip such as this allows one to see and experience South Africa- wildlife and all.

Priced from $2762 plus flights and taxes, this trip will offer a once in a lifetime exploration of the wildlife and culture of both South Africa and Swaziland for an excellent price. (Double occupancy)

If however you are looking for something with a bit more comfort but still somewhat adventurous, you might want to consider this trip by Drifters- 18 day South Africa Eco Explorer.  This trip visits the highlights, but leaves the beaten track to explore the great outdoors and visit a variety of African eco-systems. Overnight stops are all at comfortable Lodges, in pristine reserves, high in the mountains, or on the beach, always in truly unique surroundings. The tour is enjoyed by those with a flexible attitude and adventurous mentality. Priced from 1945 euros or about $2800 CAD this is another great option.

What Style Suits You Best?

Of course, there are wonderful bespoke and tailormade adventures, as well as shorter luxury tours where the focus is perhaps more on the cities and safaris, as opposed to the countryside.  Really- it is all about what you are looking for……..

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Summer Vacation Time May Be Over But….

Newsletter Flash

If you are like me, you have discovered that vacations in the spring and fall months can be just as wonderful as a summer vacation. I am looking forward to my usual fall vacation in October, and this is why…….

  • My gardens are practically done……
  • My grandchildren are back in school
  • The crowds overseas are gone
  • Flights, hotels, and tours are often less expensive
  • It is an excellent time to relax before my busy winter months

You may not have the same reasons for a vacation at any time of the year, but I do hope that vacations are part of your life for renewal and inspiration…..whether personally or for business.

Still Looking to Get Away This Autumn?

If you are thinking of getting away in October or November, there are still some wonderful options available….Europe in the fall is wonderful without the heat and summer crowds……picture partaking in the fall harvests, exploring vineyards, or discovering museums and historical monuments. There are even some last minute tours still available. For further inspiration, be sure to check my latest blog post Looking to Head Somewhere Different this Autumn.

If Europe is too far away, consider heading to explore the Skyline Drive in Virginia, or head east to view the autumn colours of the Eastern Seaboard in the states, or even a long weekend in Quebec City.  The possibilities are endless. It is just a matter of heading out the door!

Where Am I Going This Fall?

Where are my clients heading to during the autumn months?  Well Ireland is very popular, Israel is on a few people’s list, and Africa via Europe is on my list- in particular Kenya and Amsterdam- Kenya to see the tail end of The Great Migration– and Amsterdam- just because……

And yes- I already have my next trip booked……if the Galapagos Islands are on your list of places to see, consider joining me next March on a 10 day Trip Exploring the Galapagos. And if this particular trip does not suit, feel free to contact me for more options…..there are land based trips which are not as expensive, there are larger ships which cater to a less mobile crowd, and there are even family oriented trips.

Next Spring……

I do want to mention that I am already booking trips for next spring, so if there is somewhere in particular you wish to explore, consider booking soon to ensure you get the early booking discounts! And speaking of next spring, if Italy is on your list, here is a great centre based vacation Local Living Italy-exploring the Amalfi Coast- which Goliger’s is offering as a group vacation for just $1999 CAD based on double occupancy for May 12th-19th……I am so tempted, but already have a family trip planned for April as well next year!

This Winter

Finally- and I know this is a long newsletter, but really- how many have I sent out this year- just a plug for booking that winter getaway early for the best selection- and often the best prices or perks……

For your viewing pleasure, here is an overview of a fabulous resort in Costa Rica-Newsletter Flash

If you are like me, you have discovered that vacations in the spring and fall months can be just as wonderful. I am looking forward to my usual fall vacation in October, and this is why……. Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort. Of course, you may decide that this resort is not for you- but consider booking soon for the best choices if you are looking to travel to resorts or head out on tours in Costa Rica or Belize- both “hot” destinations and going quickly.

I remain as always ready and able to help you plan that perfect vacation!

The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen, and the memories you’ve made along the way.

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