How About a Short Trip to Brazil and Argentina?

Another option this winter for a getaway vacation is simply to head to South America where our winter is their summer…..check out this link from Lonely Planet for information about Brazil’s weather. Argentina’s weather can be a bit more extreme……and weather often lends itself to the highest volumes of water in the southern Hemisphere’s summer months (November- January) at Iguazu Falls.

tarTravelling from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, two of South America’s most dynamic and exotic cities, you’ll be enthralled by both and amazed at the sights you’ll visit in between. From Uruguay’s melting pot capital to Iguazú Falls and São Paulo, this trip will have you living and breathing the Latino spirit.

This trip (Tango & Samba) is priced from $2056 plus international flights. (Presently as of Nov 11th 2013 this trip is at 15% off.) Included are the services of Tucan’s expert English-speaking local tour leaders in both countries, and local guides. Also included are 13 nights in hotels, hostels & guesthouses, 2 nights on overnight buses (considered a safe and comfortable way to travel- but dress warmly!), 12 breakfasts, 1 lunch, Estancia Las Mercedes Ranch Tour, Entry to Iguaz Falls in Brazil and Argentina.

All transportation is also included of course while on tour, but transfers are not. (These can be arranged.) Maximum group size is 12. There are a number of optional activities, including activities in the cities at the beginning and ending of the tour- stay an extra day to take advantage of these!

Here is a brief itinerary……contact me for more details.

Day 1 Arrive Rio de Janeiro
2-3 Sail through the bays of Parati and explore the old pirate town
4-5 Sightsee in São Paulo
6-7 Enjoy the nightlife of Curitiba
8 Visit the famous Iguazú Falls in Brazil and Argentina from Foz do Iguaçu
9 Enjoy Argentine hospitality on an authentic working ranch
10-11 Learn about the Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio Miní
12 Tantalise your taste buds on Salto’s citrus fruits
13 Admire the 1930’s architecture of Montevideo
14 Cross in to Uruguay staying in the historic Colonia de Sacramento
15 Enjoy some of the world’s best steak in Buenos Aires
16 Depart Buenos Aires

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