Food Adventures – China

IMG_3505I promised some more food adventure trips last week, and here is one for those of you who want to visit China. When I was in China- I absolutely loved the food…..but- their food is not usually anything close to the so called Chinese food of western palates- think all of that- and more.

This trip combines the best of the best in a short 12 day food adventure- where culture, history and cuisine all combine to create a truly mesmerising travel experience. Whether you go on this trip, or choose another trip with some “comfort” at night, I highly recommend travelling in such a manner that you are able to speak with the people of China- they love to practice their English!

Offered by Intrepid Travel, this trip will explore Beijing’s ancient hutongs to search out some of the city’s best street food. Discover Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City before seeing another side of China’s gastronomy at the Donghuamen Night Market. Wander along the Great Wall of China and then travel to Xian to be awed by the magnificent Terracotta Warriors and the citys excellent snack-food scene. Taste the peppery treats of Sichuan cuisine in Chengdu and enjoy a homestay in a beautiful farming village learning about the food grown and what life is like for people out of the cities. End the adventure in Shanghai, where fresh food markets, an excellent bar culture and a range of amazing architecture await.

  • Dine on Peking duck in Beijing
  • Chop and sizzle through a mouth-watering cooking class
  • Walk a stunning section of The Great Wall of China
  • Munch on steamed buns and persimmon pastries in Xi’an
  • Marvel at the incredible Terracotta Warriors
  • Spice things up with a Sichuan hotpot in Chengdu
  • Master the art of the perfect dumpling in Shanghai

Included are six nights in a hotel, 2 nights on an overnight sleeper train and one night guesthouse. Also included are 3 breakfasts,4 lunches, and 3 dinners. Transportation is by train, private bus, and metro. This trip is for those people who are truly looking to immerse in the culture of China……and  is priced from $2598 plus international flights.

I offer many more trips to China if this one does not suit your taste…….as I was there in 2014 I feel I do have an inside track- please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on these trips or any other.


Day 1-3 Beijing

Day 4-6 Xi’an

Day 7-8 Chengdu

Day 9 Emei Shan

Day 10-12 Shanghai

Included activities

  • Act tea farm local guide
  • Beijing – Cooking Class
  • Beijing – Forbidden City
  • Beijing – Tiananmen Square
  • Chengdu – Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
  • Chengdu – Spice Market Visit
  • Chengdu – Walking tour
  • Emei – Tea Farm Visit
  • Great Wall – Mutianyu Section
  • Shanghai – Dumpling cooking class
  • Shanghai – Walking Tour
  • Xi’an – Noodle-making demonstration
  • Xi’an – Terracotta Warriors & Guide

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