1-EI (1)Did you know in the 2006 Canadian Census an incredible 4.7 million Canadians said that they were of Scottish origin? At the time, the entire population of Scotland was just under 5.2 million. Wow…….there is a reason so many Canadians enjoy travelling to Scotland, or have it on their must see list!

Throw in the popularity of Outlander, and here is a country that is on many travellers’ list. If you are planning a trip to Scotland, here are a couple of important points to remember…..

Peak tourist season runs from mid-May through mid-September. City museums stay open year-round, but some tourist sites such as castles and historic houses close from November to Easter. You can get some excellent deals in spring and fall; weather can be pleasant and crowds are not as intense.

The Scottish climate is extreme; there is often a combination of all four seasons in a 24-hour period. Winter nights are very long, as are summer days. Summer temperatures can linger in the 60s, sometimes the 70s or 80s, with dry spells lasting a week or two. Winter sees lots of rain, snow depending on latitude, and icy, sharp winds. Spring and fall are on the cool side; again, expect rain.

Scotland is a country of beautiful scenery, and to really appreciate that scenery, ideally car rental is best. Barring that there are tours of all sorts, from those arranged by the locals which are small and personal, to those wishing to stick to a strict budget.

If you drive, remember that you are on the opposite side of the road- but no worries- a day should be about the time it will take to adjust. Roads can be extremely narrow- but you can get to places you would not otherwise see in a tour- plus your time is your own.

As well, consider getting a Britrail pass and exploring that way…….perhaps not quite the same freedom, but still a good way to see the country.

If travelling to Scotland is on your list, send me an email or give me a call- 226-927-4061.  I can research and book your trip to give you a most memorable experience!

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