Tips for Customizing a Trip to England

Home Again!

Yes I am home again, and having been back for more than two weeks, I think it is time to both add a short post about travelling in England, along with some tips for customizing a trip to England for your own travel in the future.

As you may or may not know, I have been to England a number of times, and have always travelled on a “customized” trip……independent travel- for me that is the way to go!  And given the excellent public transportation system, as long as one is staying in major centres this is fairly easy to accomplish…..On the other hand, if one wished to explore the back roads of an area like Devon and Cornwall, one will need a car!

And that is exactly what I did- this was a trip for “trains, planes and automobiles”!

Tip Number One

Don’t be afraid to “mix it up”.  Consider using public transportation to get from city to city, and then rent a vehicle in a smaller venue – at least start off your driving experience. That way you can be sure you will manage to adjust without the pressure of a lot of traffic.  And rather than renting at the airport after a long transatlantic flight, take the train to your first destination.

Exploring the winding roads of Devon along the coast before heading to Cornwall……

Tip Number Two

Make use of an experienced travel consultant to be sure you get the proper insurance coverage, and a great deal on a rental car…….why risk a fender bender- or worse- and end up ruining your vacation?  Your goal is to be able to walk away at the end of the trip knowing peace of mind…….my preference: Auto Europe.  Great rates, and wonderful customer service. I work with them every time for my customers who are driving in Europe.

Tip Number Three

Explore your interests while in England- there is no rule that says you can only see the most famous landmarks on your trip.  England is a place to explore again and again- and whether your interest is hiking, cycling, history, gardening or even cars, there is something for everyone.  An experienced travel consultant that loves to do research will be more than happy to help you plan your trip, keeping those interests in mind!

My Special Interest: Gardening!
Exploring The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall

Tip Number Four

Don’t try to pack too much into your time travelling round England……remember this may be a small country, but do you really want to spend your time zooming from place to place on the M series highways?  No!  England is about their back country lanes, their hidden pubs, and their off the beaten track locations just as much as it is about Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral or London Bridge.  Slow down and plan on coming back.  And if you are looking to visit popular locations, plan your visits to avoid the crowds if you can- I can help with that.

And my last tip: Visit in the “off season” or the “shoulder season”.

Unless you have no choice, consider going in spring or fall months, or even the winter……it all depends on what your interests are……and yes, although food is expensive, flights are not, and consider staying at B&B’s, or smaller guesthouses/ inns to ensure you stick to your budget- if that is a concern!

All in all, this was an excellent adventure- I wish I could do it every year!  For more information, do contact me to help you plan your excellent adventure!

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