What Travel Am I Booking in May?

Booking Ahead to Ensure Travel Dreams Come True

People are often surprised when they go to book their holiday only to find out that they have left it too late- at four months in advance. Different geographical areas and times of the year will call for different advance booking times. One does not want to spend time dreaming about a specific vacation- only to find out that one’s dream vacation is not available. So what travel am I booking in May?

So what am I booking now?  Well believe it or not, I am booking for trips in October- tours and flights.  I am planning custom trips for Europe- i.e. flights and hotels. September is almost too late to find availability at the better hotels overseas.

I am booking last minutes trips with companies like Trafalgar who have a few spaces left to fill for summer travel. I am booking tours for September and October- and the odd river cruise in Europe still has availability but there is not a lot of choice left however.

I am researching Canada trips for July and August- only to tell the client that hotels and/or tours are fully booked!

I am researching all-inclusive vacations- and putting deposits down- usually a far lesser deposit amount than normal. With all kinds of perks built in for travel from November forward-and speaking of South vacations- those kinds of deals also include cruises.

And I am booking high request locations/ activities like Cuba tours in the winter, Galapagos expeditions for the spring of 2018 as well as other expeditions and speciality vacations for the spring of 2018.

Don’t Delay- And Don’t Hesitate

All this to say- don’t delay!  For the best savings, don’t be afraid to book early…….and for the best choices, don’t be afraid to book early!

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