Are Guided Tours for You?

What to do if you want to travel, but are not brave enough to head out on your own?

Eilean Donan- a Must See Site in Scotland

Eilean Donan- a Must See Site in Scotland

Travel Professionals can help find the tour for you by asking the right questions- what is your travel budget? Obviously volume will often drive price- therefore a large guided tour although perhaps not able to do more than skim the surface of the country, will fit better in your budget range. Small group tours, although often more expensive, will enable you to often explore more out of the way places.  Another option might be to cobble together some day tours combined with a flight and hotel- almost an independent travel experience but with a lot of the guesswork taken out of the equation.

Secondly, how ambitious is your itinerary?  How much do you want to see? How many nights in each location?  What are your interests?  There are tours that focus on specific subjects or interests- exploring the “must-see” sights, hiking or cycling vacations (what better way to really see a country), exploring the history of a location, or even concentrating on special interests such as gardens or specific historical events.

Perhaps one way to explore these examples of travel is to take a country, and explore it three different ways with guided tours…..let’s start with Great Britain, and see where we end up…….stay tuned- we will have a good look at some guided tours beginning with the next post.


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