Creating Balance in your Life

Hiking in Cinque Terre NP, Italy.

Hiking in Cinque Terre NP, Italy.

Can one create balance in one’s life by travelling? I chose the title of this post after a long period of thought- after all I am not a psychologist- just a relatively happy human being who loves to travel, and thinks that over the years, travel in general has helped to create balance in my life.

When I was a teenager, my travel consisted on myriad family trips to see relatives within Ontario and occasionally Quebec. Also there were a couple of flights to visit friends I met from my summer jobs (never spent at home…..)

When I was a 20 something, I worked hard to support myself.  But my second big tax refund went to my travel fund- my first big trip to England. After that, there were myriad family trips within North America.  That style of travel continued through most of my 30’s- sometimes by car, sometimes by plane, but at least a couple of times a year as a family we headed out on a family trip for a week or two.  In that way, I explored almost all of North America. (For all families- check out this link for travelling as a family!)

The Travel Bug

And so I had the travel bug. As life got faster, it became harder to slow down, and travel becomes one way of slowing down and creating balance in your life.  After all, when you are a half a world away, even though the boss has your email, it somehow becomes easier to deal with issues, and not get mired in the details.  Upon return, hard decisions were easier made, one was rejuvenated personally and professionally, and the travel life in general offered clarity as to what really mattered.

Everyone’s style of travel is different at different stages of their life, but no matter how you do it, travelling ensures that you experience life in an entirely different way than your every day life at home. One can travel a more conventional way of travel via cruises, yearly all-inclusives, or coach tours. Or one can choose to immerse oneself in a country via small group tours, independent travel, or active vacations.

To choose your own style of “getting away from it all”, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. There is something for everyone, and now is the time to start planning a spring or summer vacation.  In fact, I am already planning to travel in the wonderful autumnal season. You can create balance in your life by travelling!

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