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The signatures from my India Small Group Travel in 2013.

The signatures from my India Small Group Travel in 2013.

Are you a solo traveller?  Or are you a traveller without a travel partner- always on the lookout for friends with whom you can travel?

Whether you are travelling solo, or with a friend, there are advantages to travelling with a small group tour. For instance:



The Company of Others With Whom You May Enjoy Your Experiences.

  • Let’s say you want to travel- but none of your friends can travel with you for one reason or another…..and your spouse would sooner ______________(fill in the blanks!). When you travel with a small group for a week- or more- and spend more hours in the day with them then you have with many of your “older” friends, you quickly discover common ground. They may not be all people with whom you would be close friends back home, but you will find that at least a third are likely to be very agreeable, no matter the age. Life long friends are often made this way- albeit they may live far away!
  • If you are like me, you make friends with whom you stay in touch- and with whom you may travel again in the future. And this brings me to another point- some of you have pointed out that you do not feel you would have anything in common with a person either 20 years younger (or older).  I cannot help but feel that you are narrowing your “sphere of influence”- in other words, variety is the spice of life, if I can trot out an old cliché!

A Local Guide’s Experience in Travel.

  • Let’s say you want to go to a country where English is spoken by a small minority of the population, or the crime rate is particularly high, or the methods of “in country” travel don’t appeal to you (riding on a crowded public bus with chickens, and such…), then travelling with a small group where you are with a knowledgeable multi-lingual local guide is a plus all around.
  • They can speak the language(s), they know the areas to avoid, the guides lend their advice to their group whether they are with them- or members are out travelling on their own, and finally, in country transportation is arranged, paid for, and depending on the type of tour, may or may not still be on public buses- just not with the chickens!

The Expertise Factor

  • This does not just apply to the fact your hotels are in the best locations, family run, and contribute to the local economy (if you are travelling with a socially responsible travel company), but also applies to the eating at the best restaurants with the same criteria as above (for your budget….).
  • You will see the “must sees” listed in the guidebooks, but also the sights that you would never have found on your own easily- in fact you are likely to be unaware they exist. This is why a local guide (or two or three or more) is used to ensure you get the best experience (and value) for your money. You learn far more about a specific site than you thought possible.  You experience the country- and not just the surface…..because of that expertise.

The Comfort Factor

  • For those solo travellers who are uncomfortable travelling on their own, nervous about travelling on their own, or simply do not feel it is safe travelling on their own, you will find that in most small groups, the majority of travellers are solo travellers.  Do not be afraid to venture forth and join up.  You will be welcome!
  • Small group travel suppliers such as G Adventures, Intrepid Group, and Exodus all have trips that may specialize in solo travellers.  As well, some small groups only focus on solo travellers, and gear their trips accordingly.

As a travel consultant I will help you choose the small group style and service with whom you are most comfortable , and help you plan and book not just your small group travel, but also your method of travel to and from your meeting point, and help you with any travel documentation such as travel visas you might need.

Feel free to contact me to fulfill your travel dreams……


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