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Here I am at Versailles in 2009 travelling on my own…..

Are you, a woman, itching to travel, but don’t want to travel on your own- to be a solo traveller?  Take it from someone who occasionally likes travelling solo– in some countries like France I rented a car, toured by train, etc…… but in other countries like South Africa and Peru I have  chosen to travel with a small group tour (joined the group at the destination)- and that was great because of the camaraderie along with the knowledge imparted by the guides. But however you travel “solo”, you can find a way to do it- as I did!

Looking for support and hints for travelling solo?  There are a number of good sites which offer ideas- and one of my favourite ones is  Another is Women On The Road– and below you will find a favourite excerpt from one of the newsletters which has really encouraged me to travel……..

The following points are an excerpt from a newsletter about travelling solo with some excellent advice- and great confidence boosters..

“Solo Travel Inspiration from Women on the Road – Issue 57

What do you mean – solo?

Traveling independently doesn’t necessarily mean traveling alone all the time. It just means traveling in a way that allows you to make your own decisions rather than have someone else make them for you. You can team up with others whenever you feel like it, but remember that this is your trip, with your plans, and which fulfills your desires.

You mean without a partner?

There’s nothing you cannot do on your own. You don’t need to wait for a travel partner to be able to stretch your wings and get on that plane or train. If you’re apprehensive, you’ll probably discover that it’s all very different from what you expected, and certainly different to traveling with a partner.

Yes. On your own.
Imagine getting up in the morning without a care in the world, wondering whether today you’ll go to the beach, sightsee, sit under a palm tree reading, laze in a local café for breakfast, go to a museum, or do absolutely nothing. You’ll be able to act impulsively and take advantage of the unexpected. Whatever you decide, it’s your decision. No one to disagree with you, no one with whom to compromise, no one to placate.

You can do it.
There’s nothing like solo travel to boost your self-confidence and show you how capable you are at coping with the unknown. If you’ve always had someone to lean on, you may never have made the effort. As you travel you may find yourself in difficult situations, just as you would at home, and you’ll have to resolve them.

But I’m too shy!
If you happen to be shy, get ready to change. You’ll be meeting plenty of people – in hostels or hotels, on buses or trains, in restaurants, and you’ll learn to bond quickly. Some you’ll know for a few days or weeks, others might be your friends forever.

You mean… talk to people?
You may already be an open person but traveling on your own will stretch you. You’ll meet people who are similar. Your communication skills will get a radical brush-up. If you’re traveling alone, you’ll have to rely on your own talents to get by. Granted, you’ll find a lot of people who speak English, but once in a while you’ll struggle to get your needs met and your wishes understood. You’ll find that English is not as universal as you thought, and it won’t matter because you’ll communicate anyway – with gestures, a phrasebook, an electronic translation device or “that” look on your face.

You can revisit places
You may be revisiting a place you saw with a loved one, a place that brings back important memories, a corner of paradise you glimpsed on television or in a photograph, or someplace you’ve only seen in a dream. It doesn’t matter. Part the curtain and step into your new reality, reliving your memories or creating new ones.

You’ll learn to live in the moment
If you’re used to being surrounded by people and bustle, you’ll learn to sit with yourself, and become comfortable with that. In many countries the pace is slower than at home and you’ll have plenty of time to read and reflect. You’ll learn to love your own company (if you don’t already). You’ll get to know yourself better and you’ll like what you discover. You’ll open up to the world.”

If you need help planning that trip on your own, or if you are looking for a small group with whom to travel, feel free to contact me today!  I can help you become that solo traveller.

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