Practical Information for Italy…..

Venice-winter_2370349bOne of the things I do when I am deciding where to go- is to research the destination……

  • What is the weather like?
  • What am I going to pay for meals on average- coffee?  Wine?  Lunch?
  • How will I get from the airport to my hotel?
  • Shall I stay any extra time at either end of the trip?  (If I am going half way around the world, I tend to figure I should add on some days if there is something else I want to see……I am a big believer in that maxim you only live life once, and so you should live it to the fullest- within reason of course!  I don’t believe in being overly extravagant- I do believe in using my money to the best advantage!)
  • What are my “must sees” for my free time if I am on a tour- or if I am travelling on my own……

For instance, when heading to Italy in the autumn……the general consensus is that April to June and late September to October are the best months for travelling in Italy- average temperatures run between 17 to 20 degrees C and although there is more rainfall than at some other times, the visibility is often better…..

Exodus Travels (with whom I have travelled in Italy) recommended approximately 5-10 euros for lunch, and 15-20 euros for dinner… appears wine is 3-6 euros per glass, and coffee/ espresso sounds like it is at least a euro depending if you are sitting in a coffee bar/ restaurant or taking it on the run.  However as I normally only drink coffee at breakfast (and perhaps once later in the day) and breakfast is included, all is good…..

The other point to consider- getting from the airport to the hotel.  Some tour companies pre-arrange this- others leave it up to the traveller, and of course if travelling independently, this is something a good travel consultant can either book or supply you with all of the information needed…..

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