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At Juno Beach in 2009

At Juno Beach in 2009

Does visiting World War I&II sites interest you?  Is history your “thing”?  Did you know there are a myriad of small and large group tours that allow you to explore your special interests through travel?

And did you realize that Normandie is an easy to navigate area of France, thus allowing you to travel at your own pace, if you so desire?  All true. I have experience in these matters- I travelled on my own in 2009 by renting a car and navigating my way through all of the “must sees” on my list! It was an experience that I have never forgotten…..

A few suggestions for history buffs:

  • A custom designed tour for your time and budget, car rental, hotels, maps, and even local guides if desired. Stay in small local hotels owned by families eager to impart information about the history of the area. Take your time exploring the beaches, cemeteries, and walking the streets of cities which were reduced to rubble in the second world war.
  • A large group tour with a company such as Trafalgar, visiting sites such as the historic battlefields of the First and Second World Wars, with visits to places in southern England, northern France, Belgium and The Netherlands. This particular tour is for 13 days and is priced from $3724 if booked and paid for by April 28th 2016.  See the map below for the itinerary. (Flights are not included.)
  • A small group tour for up to 5 days with a company such as Battlefield Tours or Backroads Touring Company. Travelling as a small group, you can access some of the lesser known locations of the Normandy Battlefields, or have the opportunity to visit specific cemeteries and pay respects to a fallen relative (just a couple of options available.)

Contact me today if these options are of interest to you…….or if you have other special interests such as gardening, sports, etc. I can find you the perfect trip for you as an individual, or for you in a group.

Trafalgar Tours- WWI and WWII Battlefields - 2015

Trafalgar Tours- WWI and WWII Battlefields – 2016

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