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I am presently in the middle of planning a trip to NYC- and when I go to a large city, I enjoy visiting all of the top tourist places such as famous landmarks and museums, etc.- but I also enjoy adventures in the city, such as those offered by Urban Adventures.  Urban Adventures offers small group fun, unique itineraries with passionate and knowledgeable local guides.  For instance, in New York City, four itineraries are offered……

Downtown New York

Length: 3.5 hours CAD 51.70


  • Ride New York’s subway
  • Savour views of the Statue of Liberty.
  • Savour a slice of New York life with lunch at a local pizza shop.
  • Wander through Manhattan past the Financial District, Ground Zero and views of Brooklyn Bridge.

New York Village

Length: 2-3 hours CAD 40.55


  • Stretch the legs and get a taste of village life
  • Learn about famous several famous authors, musicians and artists
  • Explore the former “bohemian” capital Greenwich Village, known simply as “The Village”
  • See New York City from a new angle all in the company of a local guide

New York Heritage

Length: 3-4 hours CAD 40.55


  • Bustling markets, tasty culinary samplings
  • Unique cultural historic sites abound on this walk through Lower East Side, Chinatown and Little Italy.
  • Get a glimpse into New York’s heritage of immigrant arrivals and the people who are now proudly New Yorkers.

Harlem Experience

Length: 3 hours CAD 40.55


  • Unravel Harlem’s rich history with a local guide
  • See the glory of the Apollo Theater
  • Get spiritual at a Baptist Church
  • Step back in time while visiting the soul food kitchens of Lenox Avenue
  • See where Billie Holiday used to sing the night away
  • Visit a restaurant that gives back to the community
  • Browse the artistic wares on display at the African Market

A wide variety of tours is offered in most major cities in the world. For instance, Rome, where I will be spending extra time in October, has four tours:

  • Roman Dolce Vita
  • Arts and Flavors of Rome
  • Trastevere: Trends and Tradition
  • Ancient Rome: Archaeological Discovery Tour.

Hard decisions……and Venice also has Cicchetti of Venice Tour- which I think looks wonderful- day of arrival? Second day?

For more information on any possible Urban Adventure tours, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Furthermore, if any of you are interested in a 4-5 day trip to NYC in June, please don’t hesitate to contact me……

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